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The Simple Clinic

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Improving the well-being of our community one patient at a time.

The Simple Clinic

Occupational Medicine

Partnering with local businesses to maintain a healthy and fit workforce.

Healthy Patients, Happy People

The SimpleClinic has been an amazing addition to my healthcare.  Due to the ease and convenience of the Simple Clinic I am able to get medications faster and start recovering much sooner.  The fact that I do not have to leave my home to get the treatment I need is so important to me because of my busy & demanding work schedule.   I highly recommend having The Simple Clinic in your contacts.

Jen H.

Jonathan Hancock and the SimpleClinic staff are committed and dedicated to providing the highest quality care for me and my family.

Marisell C.

It is nice to have access to a place like the SimpleClinic when you are sick and need medical care.  The staff are great to work with and they all make the visits quick, easy, and pleasant.

Melanie W.

Awesome experience.  No waiting and prompt response.  The SimpleClinic provides a great service.

Jeremy S

Great staff, quick service, hands down the best facility in town.

Joe S.

I have been a patient for four years and have referred many others as well.   The clinic staff is the best and they all really care about their patients.   The SimpleClinic is not like other offices.  Thank you Jonathan Hancock and staff.

Robin V.

Jonathan Hancock is knowledgeable and thorough provider, always friendly and spot on with his diagnosis.  I will continue to use this practice.  I refer my employees, family members, and friends.  I highly recommend the SimpleClinic.

Debbie H.

The SimpleClinic is the most convenient and efficient way to get excellent medical care.  With the click of a button, your medical needs are taken care of, whether it be from your desk at work or at home.

Taylor P

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