Simple Clinic Direct Patient Membership

Direct primary care is a new approach to medical care that we have tailored to offer affordable primary care services to those without insurance and those with high deductible insurance plans.

Instead of paying a high visit cost we simply charge a low monthly patient membership fee and provide essential preventive care, laboratory test, minor procedures, chronic disease management, and sick care.

SimpleClinic Direct Cost Patient Membership

Single Adult $75 per month
Two Adults $140 per month
Child (0-17) $30 per month when added to adult’s plan

*Child must be linked to adult member.
*The first 3 months paid at initial membership then payment is monthly thereafter.

Visit Types Covered

Physicals Annual wellness exam, pre-participation exams to include sports, camp, school and job
Common illness treatment Like cold, flu, strep, sinus, allergy, uti, bronchitis, pneumonia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc
Minor injury treatment Like sprains, strains, joint pains, cuts, scratches, bites, stings, etc
Chronic disease management Like heart disease, chronic pain, hypothyroidism, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, tobacco abuse, eczema, etc

*No co-payments upon arrival or scheduling fees for visits
*No limit to the amount of visits included in patient membership

Procedures Covered

Simple skin biopsies and lesion removal
Simple abscess incision and drainage
Simple suturing and laceration care
Simple joint injection of knee and shoulder
Ear lavage
Trigger point injections

Routine Lab Testing Covered

Finger Stick Glucose Test
Stool occult blood
Pap thin prep

Covered In Office Testing

Rapid Covid
Rapid Strep
Influenza A/B
Urinalysis Dip
Urine Pregnancy Test

*Above labs offered after 90 days of membership and annually thereafter
*If requested prior to initial 90 days member can pay for each individual test at time of collection

Contact us for additional information or to become a SimpleClinic Direct member.

Membership Form