Online Doctors’ Appointments for Busy People

Busy People

At the Simple Clinic, we understand that busy people with busy lives don’t slow down due to illness.

This is why we provide online doctor’s appointments to all of our patients, to help minimize the amount of time away from work, school, or just life in general.

Whether you are a busy working mom, a single dad, a young professional, or an overwhelmed student, our online doctor’s appointments can help. Our medical providers will meet with patients over their phones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices from anywhere they are at any time.

Don’t miss school, sports, or work just to find out you have allergies, instead schedule a convenient online appointment with one of our excellent providers today. The process is simple and affordable! Keep reading to find out how online options can help you get healthy and on with life with online doctors’ appointments for busy people.

Telehealth for busy students. 

We know how important a student’s education is. This is why we provide online doctor’s appointments to all of our patients to help minimize the amount of time away from school, studies, and extracurricular activates.

We make it easier than ever for busy students to fit high-quality health services into their schedules.

Telehealth visits for busy parents of sick kids.

Waking up with a sick child can be the beginning of a stressful day for many busy parents. Between needing a doctor’s note to excuse your child and taking time off work to bring them to a clinic, it can be overwhelming for busy people.

Luckily, with The Simple Clinic, you can skip all the stress and get healthcare for your child from the comfort of your own home. Our team of board-certified providers can do it all! Set up an appointment to have your child seen from a phone, tablet, or computer without you needing to bring them into an in-office doctor’s appointment.

Our doctors can write your child a sick note for school, call in prescriptions to your local pharmacy, and order any lab tests that may be needed. When it comes to the health of your child, nothing matters more, so register them at The Simple Clinic today for the ultimate convenience and care without all the hassle.

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Telehealth for busy professionals. 

For many, routine doctor appointments go by the wayside because it’s virtually impossible to take time away from work. Online visits eliminate the need to request time off. You can simply schedule your appointment before or after work or even during your break. Save those days off for when you really need them – vacation time!

In addition to eliminating taking time off, you are working to improve your health by utilizing telemedicine technology. When patients can see their doctors conveniently, they are more likely to seek care and better care of themselves. Patients can easily access doctors to address healthcare concerns quickly and learn about treatment options in a matter of minutes.

Telehealth for those without insurance. 

Studies show that millions of Americans are living without health insurance. For those who do not have medical coverage, seeking medical care from a trusted healthcare provider may seem out of reach. But with The Simple Clinic, no insurance means no problem! All the services we offer are available to patients without coverage for affordable rates. If you have insurance and are unsure if your specific plan will cover telehealth appointments, give us a call.

At the first sign of a health concern, schedule an appointment with a Simple Clinic provider online. Our team of medical professionals is here to make it easy for you to get the treatment you deserve without the aggravation. Schedule your same-day online doctor appointment with one of our physicians!

At The Simple Clinic, we offer quality and convenient medical care that you can trust. We relate to our patient’s unique needs and busy schedules with same-day, no-wait telehealth appointments for the comfort and convenience of our patients.

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual healthcare services and how they can help busy people like you access the care you need without disrupting your busy schedule.